10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2023 – [Top Picks]

Video editing has now become an important part of the new age of Digital Society. With the ever-growing video content over the Internet, creators need video editors. However, video editing is one of the toughest operations for a system to perform. Desktop PCs and Laptops can do that with ease with heavy graphics. Android smartphones are yet not capable of replicating the same.

Therefore, Android phones have a makeshift to the same. You can try out some of the best video apps for Android according to your requirements. These apps are pretty good at doing basic stuff. For the initial stage of video editing, they indeed are helpful. With basic editing tools including cropping, merging clips, using audio for enhancement, etc.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Mentioned below are some of the best video apps for Android that we’ve come across to use in 2020. Do read each description thoroughly and choose the one that suits you the best.

#1 Adobe Premiere Rush

Best video editing apps

From the house of the most valuable applications for Digital World, Premiere Rush is the latest product from Adobe. Though made for a smartphone, you can see high-end features and tools. The multi-track timelines, text editor, filters for colour correction and various tools make it a perfect editing partner.

Being a new arrival, the app still needs some bug fixes and UI changes. However, it has a lot of potential for the future of video editing on Android. The application is included with Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription. Initially, you can use the trial version for various purposes.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush for Android

#2 Power Director

Power Director

PowerDirector is one of the most expansive apps on this list. A feature-rich application for everything you could think of. From text editor and video filters to transitions, animations and timeline tracks, the app has it all. Not just that, the app comes with a collage maker and slow motion support. The user interface is pretty easy to work with.

If you edit videos pretty often, the timeline tracks will help you out a lot. With the options to adjust and input audio files with the video makes it prominent. The app is free to use but you’ll have to opt for the paid version for complete features.

Download Power Director for Android

#3 ActionDirector Video Editor

ActionDirector Video Editor

ActionDirector is one of the best video editing apps that you can find for any platform. With all the basic video editing tools, it has been popular on Android too. The user interface is pretty easy to handle for anyone. Import clips, adjust them, add text, use filters, add audio if needed and you’re good to go. Simple, isn’t it?

That’s not it. You can transit slow motion, video transitions and a lot more. This app supports 4K video editing which is rarely found amongst the best video apps for Android. 4K videos are supported only when the device supports it too. The app gets updated frequently with updated features and tools to keep up the trends.

Download ActionDirector Video Editor for Android

#4 Filmora Go

Filimora video editing app

One of the most popular video editing applications that you might have heard of is Filmora Go y Wondershare. The app is capable of doing almost all basic editing that you might look for. This includes trimming, cropping, setting up for different ratios, etc. You can set the same video for Facebook (1:1) and YouTube (16:9).

This video editor can help you create slow-motion videos with different transitions, music overlays and a lot more. Majority of the features of the app are free. However, there are in-app purchases for which you need to upgrade to premium for better editing.

Download FilmoraGo for Android

#5 Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video Editor

The Funimate Video Editor is another best video editing app for Android. However, I would not use it for heavy video production. The basic video editing for Instagram and Facebook is pretty amazing. The filters available are really good to use for short videos. The creation process is pretty simple to use for anyone.

For the cherry on the top, you can use add text. Along with the text editor comes great neon and 3D effects to choose from. Along with that you also get basic animation effects to make your videos catchy and interesting.

Download Funimate Video Editor for Android

#6 InShot


If you’re familiar with TikTok and alike apps, InShot is one of the most-used apps for short video’s editing. InShot is majorly focused on filters and colour correction for short clips. However, it has an easy to use video and audio timeline for perfect video editing. It is loaded with all the basic tools including trimming, cropping, music substitution, etc.

The app offers a sticker pack selection along with speed controls and a special toolkit. This makes it even better to use. InShot is one of the best video editing apps to use for TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp Status, etc.

Download InShot for Android

#7 Kinemaster


Kinemaster is another popular and best video editing apps for Android. The reasons behind the popularity are amazing marketing tactics and easy to use interface. You can search for all the basic tools including trimming, cropping, substituting multiple video and audio files and a lot more. There are certain effects and transitions to choose from to enhance your video.

One of my personal favourites features is the Chroma Key for green screen fans. This is the app that I’d recommend you for heavy video editing. Get started with the trial version and upgrade whenever you want to.

Download Kinemaster for Android

#8 Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker is one of those best free video editing apps for Android. You can trim, crop, record and merge multiple video clips to create the best one. The app offers you loads of video effects and you can create your own as well. To enhance the same, add some music to it. Although being just a basic editor, the app is completely free to use with nominal ads.

Download Movie Maker Filmmaker for Android

#9 Quik


Another popular and promising app used by people across the globe is Quik. This is rather a smart video editor. You can employ 50 photos and/or video clips. The app will create a video for you within seconds using filters and transitions. Not just that, you can still optimise the final output before rendering. The app is surely not as powerful an editor but not everyone needs a heavy tool. Thus, it is perfect for basic smart auto-video editing.

Download Quik for Android

#10 VivaVideo


Haven’t you been active on Social Media lately? Did you see those birthday videos and clips with the watermark saying ‘Made with VivaVideo’? Well, this is the app you’ve been looking for – a simple to use video editing app with all basic features and tools. The app offers you more than 200 filters and transitions to choose from for text transformation and clips editing. To remove the watermark and certain restrictions, you can purchase the premium version.

Download VivaVideo for Android

Final Verdict:

Video editing has become a part of our lives. Whether you need to post something on Social Media or trim a clip to share with your friends, you need a basic editor. This is where the above mentioned best video editing apps for Android comes in handy. Do let us know which one you’re going to give a shot to in the comment section below. For more such tech updates and info, keep following Weave.in

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