About Weave.in & Team


Founded in 2019, weave.in aims to be India’s go-to resource for everything related to technology. Our platform makes you up-to-date with the latest news and innovations in the technology world. From the tech updates, product reviews to buying guides, we cover everything.

Our team of experienced technology enthusiasts is committed to giving you the freshest advances in technology. You will always be on top with our reports and coverages on trending tech news and announcements. We also give honest and unbiased reviews of various tech products, gadgets, and gears.

What Makes Us Different From Everyone?

1. Honesty

We always review products honestly. We never sugarcoat our reviews, so you can always trust that you’re getting the honest truth from us. Whether a product is good or bad, we’ll let you know. That way, you can make the best decision for your needs.

2. Transparency

Our 100% transparent reviews are unlike those of our competitors, you won’t find any made-up stuff at Weave.in

3. Truth

Our team of testers spend countless hours testing products and writing up their findings.

Our Review Process

The experts at Weave.in review every single product listed on the site. While our process for reviewing either of these products is similar, there is one slight difference.

1. Discovery

A designated team at weave.in looks for newly launched or popular gadgets that meet our criteria. We do not review products that are total scams! In our weekly newsletter, we let our subscribers know to stay away from such scam products.

2. Understand

As we discover a product, we strive to understand it as much as possible. From how the product is being marketed to how good it is, this phase is solely dedicated to understanding the product. Usually this happens after we have tried the product. It is understandable that we cannot try every product ourselves, so we have dedicated researchers who conduct the necessary research so that our writers can write the most data-packed review possible.

3. Nurture

In order to write a groundbreaking review article, it takes our experts a considerable amount of time and back and forth conversations with researchers. The creation of a review video about a product can also take a significant amount of time from our end.

4. Known

If our beloved reader cannot find our review online or read it, then no amount of effort will suffice. So in this process, we do the marketing! Our marketing team is small, but our effort to achieve the goal is massive. Therefore, the team optimizes the reviews and the research we conduct for search engines.

About New Ownership

The previous owner used Weave.in as a business site that networks people professionally and closed the company in 2016. In case if you think weave.in provides similar services like Tinder, you are on the wrong website. Later, we acquired the domain using Dynadot for a premium price because of love for the name. This also means that we have no relations or affiliation with the previous owner.

The new owners of Weave.in ensure that you are updated with the latest information in the world of technology. We specialise in providing information on mobile devices – Android and IOS, mobile applications as well as electronics. Other areas of expertise include gaming, tech accessories, tech gadgets, product reviews, guides and many more.

Our coverages are highly essential as you get the latest info on technological gadgets. With our product reviews, you are able to make purchases on your technological preferences without being misled. This means that you are able to get the best product that fits just for you.

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