7 Best Emulators for PUBG Mobile in 2021

PUBG Mobile is the most appreciated smartphone game for the past few years. People have gone crazy while playing PUBG with their friends. There have been videos all over the Internet how they’ve been enjoying the gameplay. However, playing PUBG Mobile...

Updated List of Android Version Names A to Z

With the introduction of smartphones in 2007 when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, the world has been revolutionised. We have come a long way since then. With the introduction of Android in 2008, the game has changed a lot for smartphone...

Best Gaming Mouse Under ₹2000 In India – 2021 Reviews

The computer mouse used to be the gadget no one paid any attention to. They were anonymous, unobtrusive, almost insignificant, quietly doing what was required of them. All that has changed. Nowadays, mice are far from faceless. The rise of gaming laptops has...

Best Laptops Under 50,000 In India – 2021 Reviews

During these modern times, electronic devices and gadgets are turning into a necessity rather than a luxury. This is due to the tech-savvy lifestyle that we have nowadays....

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