Best AC3 Support Video Player Apps For Android

The smartphones that we use today have evolved a lot in the last decade. With great thinking comes great technology. One such tech revealed by Dolby Labs was AC3 or Audio Coding 3. This is used as a file extension for...

Best SSD for Laptops & Desktops in India – 2021 Reviews

Solid-State Drives also known as SSD, transformed computer data storage. Previously, computers and laptops only had the option of a conventional hard drive which was limited by its slow capacity. As a result, computer performance severely got affected. It started to...

Best Monitors Under ₹10,000 In India – 2021 Reviews

Anyone who works around the clock on a computer screen needs a reliable monitor. It can be quite frustrating to work with a poor monitor! In recent times, there has been great improvement in the design of monitors thereby making it...

Best Laptops Under 50,000 In India – 2021 Reviews

During these modern times, electronic devices and gadgets are turning into a necessity rather than a luxury. This is due to the tech-savvy lifestyle that we have nowadays....

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