Best AC3 Audio Supported Video Players For Android – 2024

The smartphones we use today have evolved dramatically in the last decade. With great thinking comes superior technology. One such tech revealed by Dolby Labs was AC3 or Audio Coding 3. This is used as a file extension for various surround sound files. However, the default video player of your Android device might fail to read the AC3 format.

Therefore, you need a third-party video player to run AC3 formats. Most of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies support the AC3 format. Thus, you need a player that can run such files with ease. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll look at 7 of the best Android AC3 support video player apps and provide an overview of each. We’ll also highlight some key features that make these apps stand out. So read on to discover which AC3 support video player app is perfect for you!

7 Best Video Players With AC3 Audio Support

The list in this article does not depend on preference. Instead, it is a compilation of the best AC3 video players for Android smartphones.

#1 MX Player

You probably would have heard of MX Player if you use an Android smartphone. This is one of the best and most popular video player apps for Android. Not just that, recently, MX Player revealed their own OTT platform that one could access for free. There are some great shows to binge-watch.

MX Player

With a minimal and easy-to-use interface, you can’t deny using the app. This application has unique features, including support for subtitles, zooming in/out, scrolling to move forward/backwards, etc. The app is available for free to use on the Google Play Store. However, if the internet connection is turned on, you will encounter advertisements frequently.

Download – MX Player

#2 AC3 Player

As the name suggests, AC3 Player was launched to support AC3 audio files. The app can automatically search for AC3-coded audio files. That doesn’t mean it can’t run other formats. The app can run almost all the popular video formats available. What’s the best part? You don’t need to download any extra plugins!

AC3 Player

AC3 Player’s interface is pretty simple to use for anyone. Notable features of this application include easy volume controls and one-finger slide brightness. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and has no in-app purchases.

Download – AC3 Player

#3 VLC Player for Android

If you’ve used Windows for almost a decade, you are familiar with VLC Media Player. Awarded the best video and media player for Windows, VLC was appreciated by Android users, too. This is an open-source application that supports various audio and video formats.

VLC for Android

Like Windows, the Android version also has an orange-coloured interface theme. The gesture-based controls and the ability to stretch videos to play on full screen make it perfect. It has subtitle support, multi-track support and an in-built equalizer. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and has no in-app purchases.

Download – VLC for Android

#4 KMPlayer

Another great application we’ve used on Windows is KMPlayer. The Android version is even better when you explore it. The app has unique possibilities for supporting different audio and video formats. This application can automatically detect files in AC3 format. KMPlayer also supports playing videos saved on Cloud Storage, such as Google Drive.


The app offers subtitle support, one-finger gesture controls, playback speed optimisation, and more. It supports 30 languages and can play movies stored on your PC or smartphone. The KMPlayer is free to download on the Google Play Store with no in-app purchases. However, you will occasionally encounter advertisements while watching videos.

Download – KMPlayer

#5 Video Player All Format – Xplayer

With a crystal clear name, this application is a video player that supports all video and audio formats. The app can support Ultra HD 4K video files. With a minimal and professional interface, you will love playing videos on this application. The app offers support for multi-playback and subtitles in different languages.

Video Player All Format

This application allows you to share videos with other smartphone users using Mobile hotspots. Thus, the smartly loaded features will improve your video-playing experience. The Video Player All Formats is free to download from the Google Play Store. The app offers in-app purchases, and you might sometimes encounter advertisements.

Download – Video Player All Format

#6 BS Player

BS player is another excellent AC3 video player for Android. This application is a little different from other apps on the list. The app offers hardware-accelerated video playback. This means the app boosts the playback options yet helps reduce battery usage. It can play video and audio files in almost all popular formats, including AC3. The notable features of this application include support for subtitles and playlists, multiple audio streams, and different playback styles.

BS Player

The application’s interface is also easy to use yet highly customizable. You can tweak the video playbacks using various interface skins. Also, you can try out the themes available for the application. The app comes in two variants – the paid one with no ads and the lite one with occasional ads. The lite version is available for free to download on Google Play Store.

Download – BS Player

#7 Player Xtreme Media Player

Player Xtreme Media Player is another great AC3 video player for Android. Like the other apps on our list, this one has an unusual feature that you’ll love to explore. The application can arrange all the media files in a single poster view pattern. While watching a video, you can check for subtitles. If you don’t find any, tap to download them immediately. Therefore, you cannot just sync subtitles but also download them separately.

Player Xtreme Media Player

With hardware acceleration, the user can effectively enhance the watching experience. You will love watching videos on this app with the gesture-based control panel. The application is free to download from the Google Play Store, with no in-app purchases. However, the app does contain ads that might pop up while watching videos.

Download – Player Xtreme Media Player

AC3 Support Video Players – Final Verdict

Watching movies or TV shows on your Android phone has never been more enjoyable. With so many great AC3 support video player apps, it’s hard to know which one to choose. After reading through all these excellent AC3 support Android video players, it is clear that many such apps are available in the market. Choosing one can be challenging as they have different features, but if you want a player with smooth playback and good-quality videos, try out what we have mentioned above.

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