7 Best Emulators for BGMI in 2023 – [Gamers Choice]

BGMI is the most appreciated smartphone game for the past few years. People have gone crazy while playing BGMI with their friends. There have been videos all over the Internet how they’ve been enjoying the gameplay. However, playing BGMI with emulator could be hectic for you.

Which emulators are best for BGMI in 2023? – Have you been wondering about it for too long? Well, this article revolves around the best emulators for BGMI in 2023. Go through the details thoroughly and choose the best one for you.

Best BGMI Emulators to play on PC

There are loads of emulators available in the market for BGMI. However, not each one of them does the work for you. The list described below is not in the order of preference. Read it thoroughly and choose the one that suits you the best.

#1 Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce offers you the Nvidia GeForce Now to play BGMI on your PC. This is a cloud-based service that lets you play games online. BGMI uses the server of GeForce server and the computer as the monitor. Therefore, the complete game can be controlled by the servers. You don’t have to worry about the graphics or anything else.

Best Emulators for BGMI

The game is not still available for Mac users. Thus, by using the emulator, you can play BGMI on your Mac devices. To play you just need a good enough internet connection and the emulator.

Download – Nvidia GeForce Now

#2 Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators used worldwide. The emulator is a perfect combo pack of processing, graphics and power. Thus, Android developers and gamers both prefer using it. The emulator is capable of delivering the best possible graphics for BGMI gameplay.

Best BGMI Emulators to play on PC

However, your PC should have good enough specifications to run the gameplay smoothly. Not just BGMI, the emulator lets you run all the other Android applications with ease. To run BGMI, you just need to download, install and login with your Google account on Bluestacks. Then, download and install BGMI to start playing!

Download – Bluestacks

#3 Gameloop

Do you know Krafton own BGMI? Well, they do have an emulator to help you run the gameplay on your PC. This emulator was created especially to run BGMI smoothly. The emulator is capable of running BGMI on almost all the systems. It can handle the gameplay even in low-end graphics and specs.


The best part of this emulator is you will get connected only to those players who are using the same. Were you ever planning on playing BGMI on your LED TV screen? Well, this emulator is the best to make this dream of yours come true.

Download – Gameloop

#4 Nox Player

Nox Player is another great Android emulator for Windows and Mac devices. This emulator was designed specifically for gamers. Thus, you don’t have to go through any hustle and bustle to play BGMI. It can govern high FPS games. Also, it supports the gamepad, scripts and keypad. However, you might have to give a little time to get used to these controls.

If you are not happy with the controls, you can tweak them from the settings menu. Also, you can tweak a lot of other things including the graphics option. To get started, download and install the Nox Player. Then, download BGMI from Play Store and you are good to go.

Download – Nox Player

#5 Remix OS Player

Just like the previous emulators in the list, Remix OS Player is optimised for heavy gaming. The developers have put on a lot of effort to make sure you don’t encounter any glitch while playing. The user can tweak the controls according to their preference and set the keyboard options too. The notable point about this emulator is that it requires Virtualisation Technology to be enabled. Also, the AMD chipsets don’t have any support for it.

Remix OS Player

The interface looks clean and pretty easy to use. This is the only emulator that has the capability for multi-tasking. Thus, you can play multiple games simultaneously. Another best part is that this emulator runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Download – Remix OS Player

#6 Andy

Andy is a pretty unique and interesting emulator as compared to others on the list. This emulator helps you sync all the devices. Thus, you can experience the gameplay more effectively than ever, on your PC. The apps and data can be transferred on your fingertips. Thus, you don’t have to worry about game progress.


The progress that you’ve made to date while playing on your phone can be synced with the emulator. Also, you can use your phone as the joystick and control everything. Therefore, you will have an astonishing game experience while playing it on a bigger screen with your phone as the joystick.

Download – Andy

#7 Memu Player

Being one of the most popular Android emulators, MEmu is also the best emulator for BGMI in 2022. The emulator doesn’t require a high-end PC to run BGMI. With amazing features built-in, the emulator offers you to tweak keyboard mapping efficiently. Thus, you will experience an easier yet effective control panel for the gameplay.

MEmu Player

Not just that, the emulator can help you enable Virtualisation your PC. This can improve the PC’s power making the gameplay more interesting. However, the software does require a PC with basic good enough specifications.

Download – Memu Player

Final Verdict

Though BGMI has become a lot popular for smartphone users, PC gamers also want to play it. For all those gaming freaks, the emulators will do the work without any extra hustle. After choosing the best emulator for BGMI in 2022 from the list mentioned above, start playing!

Which of these emulators took away your heart? Do let us know in the comment section below. For more tech updates and information, keep following Weave!

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