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We humans always need to entertain ourselves to freshen up the minds after a hectic day. That’s where Android games come in handy. Amidst the global pandemic, people are spending the majority of their time at home. This means the sources of entertainment are less as theatres and amusement parks are closed. However, in 2022, truck driving games have become pretty popular.

Apart from regular racing games that we’ve been playing for ages, truck driving games are winning hearts too. This article revolves around detailed information about the 8 best truck driving games for Android in 2022.

8 Best Truck Simulator Games For Android

Mentioned below is the descriptive list of the 8 best truck driving games for Android phones. This list is not in the order of preference. Go through it well and download the one that suits you the best.

#1 Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

As the name suggests, the Euro Truck Evolution is a truck driving games that consists of European trucks. With a wide range of trucks, you get various customisation options for each of them. With these trucks, you can travel to some great places in the game that are inspired by real-life places. These places include Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Prague and Paris, etc.

truck simulator games for android

One of the notable features of the game is that it has online multiplayer gameplay. Thus, you can play along with your friends and challenge them for a ride. With 12 European trucks, around 20 real-life cities and detailed interiors for each truck, this is a perfect choice.

Download – Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

#2 World Truck Driving Simulator

Another best truck driving game on the list is World Truck Driving Simulator. This game lets you play along with your driving skills with various features. At every level, you get a chance to show off something new with your skills. You get to drive amazing trucks including the American, European and Brazilian models. New trucks get added to the list with each app update.

Best Truck Driving Games

The gameplay offers you real-time physics with the truck’s control panel. You get to control suspensions, movements of antennas, mounds, etc. The game has various missions to complete each one difficult than the previous. You need to pass through dirt roads, dangerous saws and a lot more.

Download – World Truck Driving Simulator

#3 Cargo Transport Simulator

The Cargo Transport Simulator, as the name suggests, needs you to run your own transport company. The main mission is to lead the game of transportation. Your career starts with a classic truck. You need to deliver goods and packages to earn money. This money will help you purchase more trucks to expand the business.

Cargo Transport Simulator

The interface of the game has great visual effects that are lifelike. Every truck has a detailed design, engine sounds and interiors. Each truck can be optimised after certain upgrades. Thus, you can play along with a lot of things technically.

Download – Cargo Transport Simulator

#4 Truck Driver Cargo

As the name suggests, Truck Driver Cargo is another great truck driving game that includes transportation. This game lets you experience the real life of a truck driver. The uphill battle that they face every day is extreme weather conditions and unusual roads. Thus, you will have a thrilling experience while travelling through narrow hillside roads with loaded goods.

Truck Driver Cargo

The mission of the game is to deliver various goods and packages from one place to another. You need to face various obstacles to deliver each package. Thus, after every level, you will experience something new.

Download – Truck Driver Cargo

#5 Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

The name of the game clearly states that you get to ride cool European trucks. The missions look a lot more realistic as compared to any other game on the list. You need to run your business successfully by dodging every obstacle that comes in the way. For this, you need to manage and deliver goods on time at accurate destinations.

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe

The game offers you various customisation options for each truck. You can tweak the camera angles to make sure the view is clear for the road. With more than 60 levels, each more difficult than the previous, you will enjoy it for sure.

Download – Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

#6 Truck Simulator USA

As the name suggests, you get to explore various locations in the USA with loaded trucks. The game tends to teach you the real-life transportation experience. By transferring goods and packages to various locations, you level up in the game. The game will also teach you the basics of operating heavy machinery such as loaded trucks, etc.

Truck Simulator USA

With the multiplayer online capability, you can challenge and play with your friends as well. Driving through deserted roads and cities will surely give you a thrill. The control panel for each truck is designed perfectly to match your needs.

Download – Truck Simulator USA

#7 Heavy Truck Driver Simulator

The games that you’ve read bout in the list previously had the truck driver as the lead. However, here you will have a construction guy who manufactures various construction equipment and material. You need to manufacture and transport them from one place to another. The game challenges the driver to deliver goods through narrow roads. The 3D view and the thrilling experience will clearly make you fall for the game.

Heavy Truck Driver Simulator

Download – Heavy Truck Driver Simulator

#8 Truck Speed Driving 3D

The last but not the least truck driving game on our list is Truck Speed Driving 3D. This game doesn’t have the company running concept. Instead, you are given a certain time period to deliver goods. The heavily loaded trucks need to be passed through mountains and valleys to deliver the goods. Without spilling the packages, you need to deliver everything on time. As you pass through the obstacles, the mission gets tougher. Be prepared!

Truck Speed Driving 3D

Download – Truck Speed Driving 3D

Final Verdict

The list of the latest truck simulator games that you have just seen is certainly a great one. With great graphics, gameplay, and various levels, these games guarantee to keep you entertained for hours on end. You can also download some of them for free or use microtransactions to unlock new features and levels.

There’s no competition within the truck simulator games mentioned in the list above. Each one of them has a unique quality and feature. The trucks, roads and missions are different for each game. With so many new truck simulator games available now, the choice can become difficult! We highly recommend checking out the ones listed above before moving to another game.

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