Best SSD for Laptops & Desktops in India – [Updated – 2022]

Solid-State Drives also known as SSD, transformed computer data storage. Previously, computers and laptops only had the option of a conventional hard drive which was limited by its slow capacity. As a result, computer performance severely got affected. It started to lag because of the disk load and computers took time before shutdown.

SSD technology solved the performance issue and computers’ speed dramatically improved. Further, SSD consumes less power than conventional drives. Hence, living with an old school mechanical drive in the era of SSD is not recommended.

Well, there are numerous SSDs for laptops available in the market. Also, because of increasing demand, SSD is available at the cheapest rate. But if someone compromises with the price structure, they will also have to compromise with the performance. Many manufacturers provide an upgrade for laptops; that is, they change the hard drive with an SSD for you. In this review, you would find our comparative evaluation of the best SSD for laptops in India.

Our Top Choice
Western Digital WD Blue 250 GB 2.5 inch SATA III
best ssd for laptop india
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Turbocharge your entire experience with this amazing product. This SSD offers features that can make even the most ordinary of laptops function like high-end devices. The Western DigitalBlue 500GB Internal Solid State Drive can greatly increase the speed and performance of your laptop up to three times, making it virtually unrecognizable. Its compact shape coupled with its high capacity is a major boon.

This SSD consumes 25% less power than previous iterations, helping you channel your time into more productive pursuits. Gamers and creative professionals alike will greatly appreciate the sequential read and write speeds of 560MB/s and 530MB/s respectively. All things considered, this is a really worthwhile purchase.

SSD For Laptops – Reviews

The essential requirement of any computer is its speed during programming, and the reason behind the speed of the machine is the storage that it possesses. Hence, choosing the best SSD for optimum performance is ideal. While the calculations can even be done faster, many other activities can be done at the speed of light.

As there are no moveable parts of SSD, it’s much more compatible than hard drives. There are many reasons to choose an SSD over an HDD. Many companies have come up with SSD at cheap rates. In this comparative review, you would find the features of ten SSDs with their pros and cons.

1. Western Digital Blue SATA III SSD

Western digital blue 500 GB SSD
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With the use of the latest technology, W.D. has some of the best SSD in the market. And this can be the best replacement for an HDD. This can be an ideal buy for laptop enthusiasts and gamers, as this is available up to 6TB.

Quick Summary:

  • Average active power up to 60mW
  • Can read up to 3800 MB/s
  • Transfer speed up to 540 MB/s
  • 5-year limited warranty

Multitasking can be done smoothly with this SSD, because of its high storage capacity. Also, this SSD is very power efficient. The best part after using this is the P.C. won’t lag while playing games, and the user will unleash a better performance in their P.C.

Because of the high-level endurance, this SSD enables quick booting, and the system also responds effectively. Power is also saved throughout the work period.

Compatible For Various DevicesCapacity & ReliabilityAcronis Software
This SSD is verified and is compatible with a wide range of laptops. Extensive testing is done on every WD SSD, to meet the standards of the brand.
The cell to cell interface is reduced, and this SSD becomes highly reliable. Moreover, the 3D NAND technology increases the data storage capacity.
This smart attribute by western digital helps this SSD to operate the system more appropriately. This software comes for free along with this SSD.


  • Reliable power
  • High capacity with enhanced reliability
  • Best speed and saves power a lot


  • There should be an M.2 slot in the device
  • A bit more costly than others

2. Crucial MX500 SATA Internal SSD

Crucial MX500 SATA Internal SSD
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The MX500 SSD is the upgrade of MX300. This SSD is highly durable, and users can expect to get what they want from an SSD in this product. The Crucial MX500 SSD uses the latest 3D-NAND technology.

This SSD can read up to 128KB and can write at a speed of 560 MB per second. This SSD gives a high level of performance in every desktop version. The adaptive thermal protection technology is one of the best features of this SSD.

Quick Summary:

  • Best performance under this price
  • Up to 2TB of data storage
  • Fast boosting speed
  • 5-year limited warranty

The storage size of this SSD is 500 GB, and it’s compatible with both laptop and desktop. This SSD comes with a high data transfer rate; that is; it can transfer up to 6 gigabits in a second. This SSD also ensures the power consumption is less throughout the desktop or laptop use. Hence, one can work for an extended period.

Micron 3D NANDMore SpaceDynamic Write Acceleration Technology
As this technology helps SSD to utilize minimum power, the performance is never affected by this. This SSD is efficient enough to increase your computer’s speed without bringing up any heat issues.
Massive amounts of pictures and videos can be stored securely and comfortably-also, the speed of sharing increases tremendously.
This technology of the SSD uses single-level cell flash memory to generate high speed and excellent performance along with good security.


  • Compatible with various operating systems such as Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Endurance rate is up to 220TB


  • There’s no customer service in India
  • Price is relatively high

3. Samsung 860 EVO SATA 2.5″ Internal SSD

Best SSD for laptop
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Being an ideal SSD for booting, the performance of this SSD is best on both laptop and P.C. There are also different series by Samsung, and all of them are reliable because the power consumption is less in every SSD. This SSD is the best choice for programmers.

Quick Summary:

  • Best boosting speed
  • Better space
  • Turbo write technology
  • 5-year limited warranty

This Samsung SSD isn’t really popular. However, it’s a useful and highly reliable drive for all programmers and individuals who are eager to do different experiments with their P.C./ laptops. This SSD comes with a five-year warranty.

Boosted EnduranceSmart CompatibilityMagician Software
Because of enlarged size, all the data stored is of high quality. The latest 3D-NAND technology in this SSD allows up to 2,400 terabytes to be written on it.
The newest E.C.C. algorithm and M.J.X. controller induces high speed, with an enhanced Linux compatibility. Also, the advanced technology makes this SSD more compatible with every desktop and laptop.
This is an inbuilt Samsung managing software. This software will help you to manage all your data in the SSD efficiently.


  • Best speed and less power consumption
  • Speed is enhanced
  • Affordable, and the best value product under this price


  • The performance of the SSD can vary, as it all depends on the firmware versions.

4. WD Green SATA III Internal Solid State Drive

WD Green SATA III Internal Solid State Drive
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The use of this internal solid-state drive has changed the everyday experience of computing. This SSD has higher storage capacity and it’s very reliable for tight end work. Playing games, browsing, and even starting the device is done at the wink of an eye.

Quick Summary:

  • Improved performance
  • More storage
  • Comes with ultra-low power draw technology
  • Shock resistant
  • 3-year limited warranty

For installing this application, one should have administrative rights. And because of the single level caching technology, western digital is one of the best buys for laptops. The brand warranty also covers upgrading the storage capacity. Even though its price is low, it is still of good quality and has long durability.

Solid-State ReliabilityFree WD DashboardImproved Performance
As this SSD has no moveable parts, it is very lightweight and shock-resistant. There are minimal chances of losing data with this SSD.
The W.D. dashboard comes for free and it helps the user to track the disk model, firmware version, and the space left in your SSD.
As this is an upgrade for your laptop, one can see the improved performance just after the installation. Also, the S.L.C. Caching technology boosts the performance and starts up your system in a flash.


  • Booting computer becomes faster
  • The endurance rate is 400TBW
  • Compatible with almost every P.C. and laptop


  • It lags a little when the device starts at first

5. Samsung 860 QVO SATA Solid State Drive

Samsung 860 QVO SATA Solid State Drive
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Being a trusted brand itself, P.C. management with this SSD gets very simple. This SSD comes with Samsung drive magician software, wherein managing the overall work gets simpler. It’s the best upgrade for the older versions.

Also, this SSD comes with a terabyte level of capacity, which can uphold proper storage. The communication becomes faster and speedy with the high technology used by this SSD

Quick Summary:

  • 860 QVO ensures high reading speed
  • The user gets Samsung’s in house solution
  • Booting speed improved, and shut-down time too
  • 3-year limited warranty

As Samsung came up with the much more advanced series, this SSD had lost its popularity. Although, if your budget is less, then this can be a reliable buy because this SSD not only helps with less power consumption but also booting can be done even faster.

In addition, this Samsung product is exceptionally cost-effective. Replacing your current HDD with this SSD will give the best outcome. Applications can be launched at a wink with the best performance.

Turbo Write Technology 4-Bit V-NANDTerabyte Level Capacity
The smart turbo write technology can read up to 550MB/s and can write up to 520MB/s.
This technology helps to improve the speed of everyday laptop users. Also, the improved queued trim enhances Linux compatibility.
The terabyte level capacity improves the computing experience. Also, because of multiple storage systems, the O.S., apps and other massive data are stored securely.


  • Less power consumption
  • More accessible terabyte capacity
  • Best performance in the price range


  • Doesn’t work efficiently with Mac

6. Kingston A400 Internal SSD

kingston internal SSD
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Because of the four-channel Marvell controller, the speed of this SSD is exceptionally high. Excellent performance can be seen just after the installation of this SSD

Because of high responsiveness, the existing system gets at least ten times faster.

Quick Summary:

  • Reliable across different laptop versions
  • Powered by a latest-gen controller
  • Fast loading and file transfers
  • 3-year limited warranty

All the system needs can be fulfilled just after the installation of this SSD. Further, because of the full security suite available in this SSD, the data is way secured, and it’s ideal for ultrabooks and small end laptops.

Full Security SuiteMultiple CapacitiesHigh Performance
All the data is protected and stored securely by the Kingston self-encrypting drive.
The user can upgrade their laptops up to 1TB. This SSD is also compatible with every version of laptops.
The speed of this SSD is incredible. It can read and write up to 2200MB/s.


  • Impressive speed with any kind of data
  • Ideal for laptops and ultrabooks


  • It can show some fluctuation in performance after some months of usage

7. Samsung 860 EVO SATA M.2 (2280) SSD

Samsung 860 EVO Internal SSD
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This SSD is a boon for those working with mainstream laptops. Because of the latest VPN AND technology and robust based algorithm, this SSD is very reliable for high-end work.

Consistently provides high speed, it can manage heavy work, and multitasking can be performed seamlessly. This SSD can safely store and can render large sized videos (up to 4k).

Quick Summary:

  • This SSD has up to 2TB capacity
  • Advanced drive management software by Samsung
  • 250 GB memory storage capacity
  • 5-year limited warranty

This SSD works well across every desktop version, but on some laptops, it may not work well. Hence it’s suggested to look at compatibility before buying.

Also, workstations work well with this SSD. Installing this SSD is also more comfortable, as the buyer is provided with an installation guide.

Samsung MJX controllerV-NAND TechnologyManagement software
This controller by Samsung helps in generating higher speed and compatibility across various versions. The reading and writing speed also becomes more fluid.
This technology and the algorithm-based controller makes this SSD reliable for every sized desktop or laptop.
This inbuilt management software by Samsung will help you to manage all your data correctly, and the user will get regular firmware updates.


  • Best SSD for desktop
  • Enhanced performance


  • The performance will vary, depending on the firmware versions

8. Silicon Power A55 Internal SSD

Silicon Power Internal SSD
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As this SSD comes with 3D NAND technology, there’s no longer a need to recharge the laptop frequently. Just after the installation itself, the battery speeds up, and one can experience fast working in a click.

Because of the SLC cache technology, laptop life also gets endured.

Quick Summary:

  • 3D NAND flash for high speed
  • Best transfer speed
  • Best features if you have a low budget
  • 3-year limited warranty

This SSD is entirely compatible with every version of laptops; hence if you’re looking for an SSD for the first time, then this will be a good buy.

Excellent performance is seen within a unique and decent price value. Being the lowest power consumption SSD, the work can be done extremely fast.

Low Power Consumption High PerformanceS.M.A.R.T Monitoring System
This SSD consumes 80% less power than other existing SSD And the power requirement for this SSD is 4.5V.
The transfer rate of the SSD is 300 MB/s. Also, the reading speed is 120/s, and writing speed is 70 M.B./s.
This monitoring system enables your laptop to work efficiently and all the data will be monitored and kept safe in this SSD.


  • Compatible with all version of laptops
  • Runs on most advanced technology available


  • This SSD can’t be relied on for the high-end work

9. HP S700 2.5 Inch SATA Internal SSD

Best SSD in india
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HP is not so popular in the market of SSD, but they have recently launched one of the best SSD. The best thing about HP services is their accessibility even in remote areas and this is what makes them unique. HP SSD S700 comes with professional-level security to protect high-end data on your computer.

Quick Summary:

  • Broad compatibility and durability
  • 555 MB/s reading speed
  • 515 MB/s writing speed
  • High-speed parallel decoding, real-time error corrector
  • 3-year limited warranty

This SSD comes with the latest 3D NAND technology. Hence, it’s best suited for laptops more than desktops. This SSD is reliable and it works at a high-speed. In comparison to other hard drives, the reading and the writing speed is 40% faster.

HP Controller3D NAND TechnologyData security
This SSD is built with a dual-core H.P. controller. Hence, the maximum reading speed and writing speed is 564MB/s and 509 MB/s respectively.
This technology helps to increase the storage density of the SSD. As a result, the compatibility, reliability, and durability increases.
The firmware is secured end to end by H.P. Also, it helps the device to be virus-free, and the data is secure.


  • Instant load
  • Better customer support
  • Best build quality


  • Not so fast as compared to others in the same price range

10. Seagate Maxtor Z1 Internal SSD

Seagate Maxtor Z1 SSD
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This product allows for Improved performance and the best internal SSD under an affordable cost price. Seagate is one of the best manufacturers for cost-effective SSD because they provide a lot at a limited amount.

The warranty can be claimed by contacting Seagate support.

Quick Summary:

  • Flash memory install size: 256 GB
  • Utilize just 2.2W
  • Best deal under the price structure
  • 3-year limited warranty

This SSD has high durability, as it comes with robust technology and vibrational resistance. Lagging laptops can be upgraded well by this SSD. The extended battery life is visibly seen just after the installation of the SSD.

As there are no moving parts in this SSD, the data which is stored is safe for an extended period. Even after the laptop drops, the data stored is not affected by the vibration and shocks. This SSD can also resolve the problem of overheating.

Speed Data Transfer RatePower Efficient 3D NAND Technology
The Data transfer rate by this SSD from Seagate is 5000 megabit per second. It’s as simple as sharing the data in a split second.
This SSD just uses 2.2W when active. Hence the battery life of the laptop is also improved.
Although it’s not mentioned on the covering, this SSD comes with the latest 3D NAND technology, making it the best entry-level SSD.


  • Can be used across a various version of desktop and laptop
  • Increased durability with robust shock


  • There might be a slow writing speed in some cases

SSD For Laptops – Buyer’s Guide

Since the SSDs mentioned above come with different factors and variations, one needs to look after their system before buying an SSD Because your desktop and laptop will determine what type of SSD is required. Moreover, the latest desktops, which are used for gaming, have mid to high-end motherboards. Hence, they can support all the latest and modern types of SSDs.

It is important to state that slim laptops, which are in trend nowadays, are moving towards the M.2 type of SSD because they do not have much space.

There are some kinds of laptops, in which the storage is directed to the motherboard. Thus, in this case, one should look for an upgrade and not a new SSD. You will need to talk to customer care before buying an SSD, to find the compatibility.

As there are various types of SSD available in the market, there are certain things to be kept in mind while purchasing.

  • Size

Before purchasing an SSD, the buyer should know to what extent do they want it, what kind of data he wants to store, and accordingly, they should buy an SSD that has at least 20% more capacity than the required size.

  • Quality

If you’re planning to buy an SSD for a long term purpose, then a fact checks about the manufacturer, and review study should be done. The quality of the manufacturer directly affects the quality of the SSD

  • Flash memory

There are four different types of flash memory in an SSD, namely: Single level cells (S.L.C.s) in which there’s one bit per cell; Triple level cells (T.L.C.’s) which has three bits per cell; Multi-level cells which have two bits per cell; and enterprise multi-level cells which also have two bits, but it’s used by data servers and is costlier.

While HDD is easy to erase, SSD can’t be securely erased, rather than deleting one can transfer all the data in a new one.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What size SSD do I need for my laptop?
If the laptop is not used for heavy programming and the user just wants to speed up the processor, then a 128GB SSD is enough. But if a computer is used for more storage, heavy work, then a 256 GB, or 512 GB will work efficiently. The storage of the SSD should not be more than 75% of the device’s storage.

Q: HDD or SSD, which is best?
SSD is flash storage, and there are no moving parts of it, whereas HDD is made up of magnetic tape, and there are mechanical parts inside it. SSD takes up very little space and gives more storage, and power consumption is also very less. Hence, as compared to HDD, SSD is the best option to go for.

Q: How much SSD do I need for my gaming laptop?
Even though a 560GB SSD also works well for gaming, it’s suggested to have at least 1TB SSD on the laptop. As power consumption is more while playing games, and also there may be heating issues, then it all can be resolved by a 1TB SSD

Concluding Remarks

In this review, all the significance of SSD has been discussed with the most critical aspect of all being how to boost the speed of the laptop. Depending on your budget, there are many SSD available at both affordable and expensive rates.

This buying guide has all the essential information about every type of SSD available in the market. A buyer can buy an SSD up to 2TB memory, and the cheapest of all is the 120 GB SSD, which usually comes under INR 4,000.

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