Updates Android 11 Beta Launch Event Postponed!

    Android 11 Beta Launch Event Postponed!

    Every year, we wait for the next generation of the Android version. But his year due to on-going protests against racism in the US, we have to wait longer. Android 11 was supposed to launch on June 3, 2020, at 11:00 AM ET (8:30 PM IST). However, the launch event has been postponed by Google amid the protests. We don’t know when will the launch event happen next.

    In a recent tweet from Android Developers, we got to know about the delay. The tweet said:

    Thus, we don’t have any specific date for the launch event yet.

    Android 11 Beta Launch Event Delayed

    According to the previous reports, the launch event was supposed to be streamed on Wednesday. This was because Google had to cancel this year’s Google I/O due to Corona Virus outbreak. Since then, they have been planning to put forward various small virtual launch events for their products. The launch event was all set to introduce new features for the Android 11. One of the biggest and most-awaited launch event from Google is on hold now.

    Google was supposed to reveal various features of Android 11. This includes connectivity, safety, control, security, accessibility and productivity, etc. This one-hour long launch event was supposed to include a Q&A session too. This Q&A session would have Android’s Senior Director of Product Management, Stephanie Cuthbertson and Vice President Engineering, Dave Burke. To ask questions, the viewers could tweet using the hashtag #AskAndroid.

    Android 11 Beta: Trailer

    Android did tease a few features earlier this month with Andoird 11 Beta Trailer. A virtual event teased about Google’s upcoming Android 11 Beta. The biggest focus of this virtual event was ‘host of other things’.

    Android 11 Beta Trailer

    Not just that, the trailer revealed about Pixel 4a as well. However, they didn’t mention the name anywhere. A small paper-cutting in the shape of a smartphone was shown at the end. Critics believe this to be the mid-year Pixel 4a. This means we can see a new smartphone from Google soon, besides the Android 11 launch.

    When will Android 11 Beta launch?

    Google released the Android 11 Developer Preview Four prior in the month for Google Pixel smartphones. This was supposed to end the Developer Preview launches. However, we would have to wait a little longer for the Beta version now. As mentioned earlier the first beta version was supposed to launch on June 3.

    According to the latest updates, the Android 11 Beta 2 was supposed to be revealed in July. Whereas the Android 11 Beta 3 was scheduled to be revealed in August. However, with the delay in the launch of Beta 1, we are not sure about Beta 2 and Beta 3. The final release of Android 11 is supposed to unveiled in Q3 2020.

    Amidst the protests for Geoge Floyd’s death is the US, all this has got postponed. A policeman knelt the black man from Minneapolis who died within minutes. Thus, this is not the time to celebrate, as quoted by Google. Let’s hope for the best possible justice to George Floyd and his family.

    Final Verdict

    Amidst the on-going global pandemic, Google had to cancel this year’s Google I/O. Following it, various virtual launch events have been planned by Google. The most awaited one had got cancelled due to protests in the United States. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the next launch date from Google.

    Everyone has been thinking of getting cool and interesting features from Android 11. What are your expecting from it? Do let us in the comment section below. For more latest tech updates, keep following Weave!

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